Woofing thanks to Fondation ENIM

The main objective of this article is to present how you can improve your English skills thanks to Enim's Foundation.
I am Martin Butlingaire, student in Year 4. Last summer, I spent two months in Ireland as a Woofer. This experience improved my English skills. Thanks to this, I will be participating in an Erasmus exchange program and then get B2 on a TOEIC test to obtain my engineering degree.
In Ireland, I worked on a farm in a greenhouse for four days a week, six hours a day. I stayed with an Irish family who hosted several students. We shared many excellent moments and stories, all in English and without stress. During my days off, I visited lots of Irish places and admired beautiful landscapes.
Enim's Foundation gave me financial help to book my tickets.
So, do not be afraid and go abroad!

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